Investor FAQs
Where is maib's stock traded?

Maib shares are presently listed on the Moldovan Stock Exchange.


When does maib report financial results?

Annual report is published before 30 April of the following year.

Where can I obtain a copy of the report & accounts?

Annual reports and other reports and statements can be found on Investor Relations website.

Annual reports

When is the next Annual General Meeting?

The Annual General Meeting is held no later than 2 months after the filing of the Annual Report.
To be notified of the next AGM please sign up to Investor Relations mailing list.


2022 AGM is to be held on 15 June. Please read more about using the following link:


What is maib's dividend policy?

The most recent announced dividend policy (announced at AGM 2021) is to distribute between 30% and 50% of net profits in the form of dividends.

Who manages maib’s shareholder register?

Maib’s shareholder register is managed by Depozitarul Central Unic (Central Unique Depositary). Shareholders can request the shareholding statement there. All the relevant details can be found here.

Where can shareholders ask questions regarding stock administration?

Maib’s shareholders can address any questions to Marcel Lazar, maib’s internal shareholder relations and affiliated parties’ group.


Telephone: +373 22 303 615 / +373 22 303 618


Additionally, investors can contact Evgenii Risovich, maib Investor Relations.

Email: or

What are maib’s stock market identification details?

Maib ISIN code is MD14AGIB1008.

What is the Company’s registered office address?

Banca Сomercială "MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK" Societatea pe Acțiuni

MD-2005, mun. Chişinău, str. Constantin Tănase, 9/1, Republica Moldova,

Telephone: +373 22 450 603, Fax: +373 22 226 162


What is the Company’s registered number?

Registration number (IDNO) 1002600003778.

When is the Company’s financial year end?

Financial year end is 31 December.

How is maib regulated?

Maib is regulated by the National Bank of Moldova (NBM). Find more details on NBM’s website.

Maib’s brokerage activities are regulated by the Moldovan Securities Commission (CNPF). Details can be found on CNPF website.

Who is maib’s auditor?

Most recent annual report was audited by the Moldovan office of PWC. Please find more details in  2020 annual report.

How many shares are in issue?

1,037,634 ordinary shares issued and paid for.

Is there an employee stock option scheme?

Maib is in process of setting up a long-term incentive plan for senior and mid-level employees. However, the envisioned plan does not involve stock or options and avoids dilution of capital.

What is the maib's core business?

Maib is a commercial bank. Its core business is making loans, taking deposits, facilitating payments and other transactions, including foreign exchange. It caters to corporate, small and medium size enterprises and retail segments. Maib holds a brokerage license and acts as an intermediary on Moldovan Stock Exchange. There is also a subsidiary involved in leasing.

What are maib’s management bodies?

Maib’s management is comprised of Management Board and Supervisory Board.

Please find more details about maib’s management structure in the latest investor presentation.

Please find Management and Supervisory Boards’ members’ biographies in the Management section.